Weekly Calendar

MARCH 16th - 22nd

Recovery Group Meeting 3 pm slt
(@ Mental Health Awareness Retreat)

Did you meet your goals? If not, what were the road blocks?
Photography class. Learn how to take quality photos.
Photography can be used as a coping skill for various mental health illnesses
such as depression and PTSD

Yoga @ 1 pm slt
(Mental Health Awareness Retreat @ Lakeside Family Center)

Learn About Pica @ 3 pm slt
(Mental Health Awareness Retreat @ Lakeside Family Center)

 What is itWhat are the symptoms? 
and What are the treatments? 
Join us to learn about this mental health disorder.

General Group Meeting @ 3 pm slt
(@ Mental Health Awareness Retreat)

TOPIC: Autism - Meets others who share similar experiences, share stories, ask questions and gain resources.

Movie Night @ 4 pm slt
(@ Mental Health Awareness Retreat)

Inside Autism 

"A dramatic short film about the struggles of one teenage boy with Autism entering a public school, and the teacher and students that learn to understand him."

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