Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome To The Take Back The Night Hunt

This hunt raises awareness to mental health issues while providing information and resources for certain disorders. Each store has a particular information in regards to a disorder along with both Rl and Sl resources to that disorder.

Mental Health Awareness Retreat is a safe haven where you can find the help you need both in Rl and Sl as well as be informed about different mental illnesses and their effects on the mind while breaking down the stigma barrier.

Click here to join us

Through out the month of March we will be hosting T-shirt making to raise awareness on mental health issues. Every Saturday at 10 am slt and every Sunday at 1 pm slt.

Chippie Waffle has provided everyone with textures for the shirt making. Stop by her store and grab them with your Take Back The Night group tag. Also while your there grab the hunt gift.


Special thanks to Chippie Waffle =]

Happy Hunting Everyone - Joshuan Banx & Marissa Greene