Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All Things Happen For A Greater Good - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

At the time we may not see it but bad things happen for a greater good. 

Ask yourself, what can you do with the bad things that has happened to you? If there was a relationship break up for example, What can you learn from this? What did this relationship teach you in order to have a healthier, longer relationship with the next person that enters your life. What personal growth has the challenging situation left you with? Does the negative experience show you a bad habit of yours that you can change? 

I personally deal with this aspect in my life. I realize through situations that arise that I need to change certain patterns and behaviors. For example, and many people who live with bipolar might testify to this, I sometimes blow out of proportion when I get upset. I realize my outbursts after! the situation has ended but each time I learn how to better respond to these situations. When an argumentative situation arises I take it as an opportunity to practice what I have learned. Sometimes it works and sometimes it fails but I am always looking for ways to better myself. 

I have two choices in any bad situation. I either dwell on how horrible the situation is, complain about it, be super depressed over it, have a continuous rampage or I can let it go and question "what have I learned from this situation?" and "what can I do with this?"

When I was chronically mentally ill I used to think I would never get better and I would never heal nor recover. I wondered "why me?". "Why did I have to get sick this way?" Later on when I did some healing and recovered to an extend, because in mental health every day is a recovery, I realized how much people needed resources in order to heal and long story short Mental Health Awareness Retreat was born. 

What was something horrible, hurtful, upsetting, and hopeless then became something really good and a opportunity to have a purpose in life once again. It gave me motivation and at the same time it helped me continue my road to recovery. 

Just recently I had someone from a second life magazine contact me to do an interview. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to share resources and my story with mental health issues. Instead, the questions that were initially given to me as part of that interview were completely changed along with my words. In the end it was no longer an interview but rather my words being used, flung around, towards whatever they wanted to portray.

I won't deny the fact that I was hurt. I had spend days trying to answer the initial questions very thoroughly only to find out my words were twisted. But non the less, what seemed to be a negative experience turned out to be a great opportunity. Due to the situation I decided to create an official newsletter for mental health. I always had it in mind to make one and even did one in a notecard, but it was this incident that gave me the inspiration and the push I needed to actually do it. One without bias, no alternating interviews, and loads of resources.

Next time you are going through a rough patch, a challenging situation, ask yourself "what can I or have I, learned from this? and how is this an opportunity in my life?" Because every single negative situation happens for a greater good. It is up to you to see what area of your life this applies to. Personal growth? Goals and projects? Physical and/or mental healing? To help others? To write a book, a movie, a song?. What is the opportunity knocking at your door from this bad experience?

***LEGAL DISCLAIMER: the information provided is not intended to replace any professional help. Discretion is advised. I am not a professional nor pertaining to act as such. The information given was gather from personal experience and educational resource.

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