Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Donating to The Bowery Mission - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

We are so happy to let you guys know that we found an organization that will accept our money and make great use of it.

The Bowery Mission has been serving the homeless and hungry people of New York city since 1879. You can read more about them here and the work they do. http://www.bowery.org/about-us/.

If you want to directly donate to them you can use this page to do so http://www.bowery.org/donate/.

Remember that you can also donate to other shelters and/or organizations and it doesn't have to be monetarily.

Here is a link of places you can find to donate in the USA

Places you van donate to in the UK

Places you can donate in Canada

Places you can donate in Australia

If you are in another country not listed here and would like to donate, please im me in world, Joshuan Banx, and I will get that information for you.

We are very grateful to the generosity of The Bowery Mission and look forward to donating to their mission on September 15th. You will find the confirmation letter email below. (This was send to me after a phone conversation in which I explained about Mental Health Awareness Retreat and its current event)

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**We are not affiliated with, work with, represent, nor have ownership of logos and/or materials of The Bowery Mission. No logos and materials is in our possession. We are simply donating to them is all.

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