Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Happy New Year

Today I saw a video (linked below) and I thought of how it resembled my life so much. You see I recently turned 30 and while everyone around me has either settled down or looking to settle down, having kids, getting married, or doing the whole traditional "I'm 30 so I need something to show my life has been established" (not that any of that is bad)...I am over here like "Let's party! Let's have adventures! Let's explore!. Let me liveeeee!". 

My goals are of traveling, of venturing off, of trying knew things I haven't yet learned and/or done, like flying a plane and skydiving, joining a motorcycle club and singing my behind off in a karaoke lounge even though my voice will probably kill so many eardrums.

Perhaps it was my mental illness that has paused my life for almost 5 years and I was unable to enjoy life or perhaps this is just who I am. *shrugs* But either ways I don't believe you should stop enjoying your life at 30 and stop doing all the fun things you enjoy just to settle in any given life. I don't like the word settle and I just won't settle. Settling for anything in life doesn't many anyone happy...at least that is what I hear always.

So what does 2014 look life for me? Single, no kids, and no wanting of a relationship. If it comes it comes but I'm not settling for anyone or anything. I'm venturing off.

Somehow people make these traditional imaginary guides and standards by the things people should have by a certain age in order to measure their success and happiness, which is wrong. No one needs a made up guide and standard to tell them what and what does not make them happy or will make them happy. Only you can decide that for yourself; whatever it really is that makes you truly happy in life. Do what ever you want that allows you to enjoy life regardless of age.

Don't let anyone tell you that you are immature for living life. For feeling free. For not being like them. Whoever says that is just envious of your freedom. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters. There are many people who are truly happy without kids, without lovers/partners/marriages. There is absolutely no wrong way to live life so long as you are not intentionally hurting anyone else or yourself and you are truly happy.

Everyone lives differently and we don't have to be like him or her or them to be truly happy and satisfied in life. Just live life! Your way <3

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  1. Awesome video. While I'm on a slightly different end then you, this message still rings very true. I will be turning 30, myself, on the 27th of Jan. and such issues have definitely come up in the past couple years within me and my family. I also don't like the term "settling down" as it means (on one level) that you have to get married and do all that stuff in order to be seen as 'mature' - something I greatly disagree with. My boyfriend and I don't care to get married, it's just a piece of paper to us. Yet, we have been together for 12 years. Neither of us is going anywhere, and we don't need a marriage certificate to prove that. But people still say we should get married... why? As for kids, neither of us want any; much to the unhappiness of both sets of parents :P For me, if travel and adventure comes, I'll take it. But, I've lived enough of my life with a scattered (ADD) brain so, right now, I want to be still and relax a bit hehe The future could hold something very different for me, and I am open for that change, but right now I want exactly what I have - to hell with what everyone else thinks! :)

    As for goals, I think I'll follow the philosophy of another friend of mine (link below) on that one and not set them. It's about living in the now and not 'in the future', but to each their own - of course! I hope all your plans succeed, and remember, if you ever want to add 'published' as a goal just let me know ;)

    Happy New Years and enjoy life your way!


    1. I agree. Just live your way so long as you are happy that is all that matters. Feel free to im me in-world.

      Happy New Years to you too =]