Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manic/Hypomanic Episode - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Manic Episode

Manic/Hypomanic Episodes are part of a Bipolar Disorder. 

It is a period in time where a person's mood is irritable, elevated or expansive and it usually lasts about a week. 

Some of the common symptoms a person may experience during a manic/hypomanic episode are but not limited to:

1. Grandiosity or Inflated self-esteem. "I have been send by God on a mission to accomplish a goal". "I am the chosen one". "I am the center of attention and love it" Those are just some of the examples a person may feel when feeling Grandiosity. 

2. Decrease need of sleep. During a manic episode, a person can go without sleep for days or need very little sleep yet still feel active and productive.

3. Excessive talking or rapid talk.

4. Racing thoughts.

5. Rapid ideas.

6. Increase in activities. Suddenly there is this surge of energy where the person can accomplish many task without feeling worn out.

7. Excessive Spending Sprees, Gambling, Hypersexuality (increased sexual activity with one's partner, pornography, sexual telephone services or multiple partners) and other risky behaviors.

The difference between Mania and Hypomania is that Mania is more severe in symptoms and lasts longer in days.

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