Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Autism Awareness Month - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Autism Awareness Month

There are many ways you can raise awareness for Autism during this month. These are just some of the few ideas you can use to raise awareness.

1. Place a Autism Logo on your facebook page, twitter, instagram or any other site you wish

2. Share Mental Health Awareness Retreat group, blog or Facebook page with others or any other organization you wish. This will help those in need of information be able to find their resources

3. Have events and/or activities that shares Autism facts and information with others

4. Share you own experiences with others

5. Wear outfits with Autism logo or make your own

6. Write about Autism in your blog, webpage, forums or other groups

7. Start your own movement or campaign

8. Share movies with others that will help educate on Autism

Take a look at what I am wearing in the photo HERE

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