Monday, December 17, 2012

I Got A Problem! How I Handle This Problem Is Up To Me

You know you have a problem. You know it hurts. Know it's there. But just venting won't give you a solution. You will feel better! But it will continue to linger around, why? Because there is no solution. For example:

You are on your way to school. Your car breaks down. "Oh dam you car!" You start kicking your tires, after getting out of your car and slamming the door. "Why did you have to break down NOW! I need to get to school. I have a test, dam you!"

You call up your friend "Hey Jenny, My dam car broke down, can you believe that? and I have a test today" You pull on your hair as you talk, angry and bitter. You vent to your friend but you still have a broken down car. You call 10 more friends and vent. But you still have a broken down car.
You see the pattern here?

So you do feel better talking about it, but you still have a problem.

Here is another outlook on things:

You call your friend Jenny with the same rage and anger BUT you now ask "hey Jenny, think you mind coming out here and giving me a lift to a near by station?" or You call a toll truck and get the car fixed. You are going to miss the test anyhow!

But you solved the problem.

There is two ways to react in life's problems. You either going to sit there and talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk about your problems and your still going to have! a problem. Or your going to say "Its time to fix this problem!" and your going to find a solution to your problem, giving yourself one less problem to worry about.

The are people that say "I need help. I have bipolar, bordeline personality, depression, PTSD, an Autistic kid, or any other issue" but when you say "Here is a solution, here are the resources, here are the information" they say "erhm.. thats alot of work! I don't have time for all that" Then the next day they return "I have a problem...."

What are you doing about your problem? Are you sitting down with it and just venting over and over and over again, for days, months, years? Or Are you finding the solution to them and working on them, getting better one day at a time?

"Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow"
                    ~Neale Donald Walsch

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