Wednesday, January 16, 2013


"I hate life!", "Life? I don't feel anything!", "I don't enjoy what I used to", "I'm missing out on family events because of my illness", "I can't ever be the person I was", "I will never be the person I want to be".

These are some of the words that people with an illness might say. They get so caught up on the illness, on the darkness, on what is taken away from them or what they will never gain or have that they miss out on the good.

It soon becomes a cycle of darkness.

But! it does not have to be that way. I personally believe that things come our way so that we can in fact cherish the smaller things that ordinary people without an illness might take for granted.

For example, many people who don't have an illness will wake up, grab breakfast, and go about their day. There might not be that pause of "wow, I actually got up off the bed and did something! I accomplished just that"

What seems so small like a sip of a coffee in a cafe with people, a gathering, getting off the bed, showering, going outside and so on; might be something people will pass over their head as a routine.

But for those with an illness, when these small things finally occur, there is a sense of winning, of overcoming, of success and/or enjoyment. The smallest things become the most valuable.

So today, I invited you to look at the small things. Don't think about the party you missed, or the shower you did not take, or how you couldn't make it outside. Instead I want you to think of that shower you did take even! when you did not want to. That gathering you did go to even when your nerves were up your neck. That walk you took eventhough your heart was at your throat.

Think about how far you've come Today, And how much further you will go Tomorrow.

The blessings are right there in front of you, if you only take the time to see it.

Happy Healing Everyone =]

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