Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take A Break - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Sometimes we need to take a break.

Here are some healthy ways to cope with stress:

1. Walk it out - Go for a walk
2. Talk it out - call a friend or someone you know and can trust
3. Write it out - Whether is just a writing, a story, a poem or a song; writing can help release stress
4. Breath - Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
5. Work it out - Run, Jog, box, kickbox. No matter the method, exercising is a good way to release stress. 
6. Take a bath or go for a swim 
7. Listen to uplifting, positive music
8. Listen to nature sounds or instrumentals
9. Use Aroma scents
10. Practice Meditation, Yoga or Stretching
11. Do something you love to do
12. Watch an uplifting movie

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