Monday, September 30, 2013

If I Got Banned - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

If I Got Banned

If I got banned for standing up for what I believed in then I would leave knowing everything I have done has been all worth it and of value.

Apparently some people believe I should partake in organizations that have connections with Linden Lab even if I don't believe in their cause just because of who they are connected to.

I started Mental Health Awareness Retreat in Novemember 2011 because I care about people. Because I know what is like to be alone with no one to talk to about a mental health illness and its symptoms. Because I personally joined so many second life groups, reaching out to see if anyone, someone cared enough to talk to me and tell me everything will be ok. Unfortunately NO second life mental health group was there for me.

I was alone in my feelings and symptoms, alone with no resources, alone with no help and I wondered how many other people felt this way in second life. How many other people didn't know where to run, where to turn, and who to reach out to. I decided to do something about it, not to gain anything but because I could relate. Because I knew what it was like and no one deserves to face a mental health issue alone and isolate.

I have faced opposition with people saying that this group and events don't belong in second life, yet Mental Health Awareness Retreat has over 800 people between the group and subscriber. You know what that tells me? It tells me that this group is important and very much needed.

Almost on a daily basis I see people use group chat and it brings me to tears of joy because not only do people use the group to talk about their struggles and mental health disorders but also to share the good in their life and build up genuine friendships as well as mingle. So many people come together and help each other out. It is so great to log in and see the group talking about breakfast, their real life school activities, their vacations, pets, family gatherings in RL and other real life events without any stigma surrounding it. Mental Health Awareness Retreat is really a community filled with amazing people from all over the world. The community is very active, creating a place where people really don't have to feel alone with their mental health illness.

From the very comfort of people's home, many people were and are able to give help, resources, and raise awareness for mental health. And everything I personally do, I do it because I personally have passion for it. Because I really want to see a change for mental health in both worlds, second life and real life.

Because I want to see a change I speak out on things I feel are not right. For example, some mental health groups within second life will charge you money to be a member. The amount of money for NO professional advice and care can be a ridiculous sum of up to $50 USA dollars. This is JUST to get resources, not therapy. I personally think that if the group is a peer to peer group there shouldn't be no fees at all. Therefore, personally, I will not support these kinds of organizations. For people who don't have the money to join these groups it means rejection and further isolation, feeling only cared for and loved IF they have a pocket full of money. That is wrong to me. Everyone! should be loved and cared for equally, regardless of gender, race, beliefs, and/or economic situation.

That is another thing I don't support, organizations that discriminate on a certain group of people. Although Mental Health Awareness Retreat is PG, ALL kinds of people are accepted. Kid avatars, goreans, furries, and the list goes on. If you take a close look at some organizations in second life for mental health, they specifically say NO kid avatars and/or NO goreans and/or no roleplaying avatars. Why not? At the end of the day there is a HUMAN being behind that avatar. And plus, I have already said this before but will say it again, everyone should be able to do what they please in second life so long as is not hurting anyone else or breaking TOS. So who are we to NOT give resources to a human being JUST because we think its weird or different what they chose to do with their second life, although these people are hurting.

So yes! I don't support these kinds of organizations. And I also don't support organizations that say they are there to help people yet their resources that sits on their land is NO longer active and up to date. They supposedly offer you groups that are "active" in second life to help you but I dare you to take a leap and join those groups, use group chat and see if it is still working. I am certain you will im me that most of those groups are no longer functioning. In the end, they are not serving anyone by providing resources that no longer are active. They keep people who are in need of help in the same cycle of need.

But then I am told that I should be a part of these organizations because they been around second life for a long time, way longer then Mental Health Awareness Retreat, and have a special connection with Linden Labs. A connection that can possibly lead to my ban? Just because I don't agree with these people? Just because I don't agree with the way they run things? Just for a difference in opinion?

Well then, if I got banned for that mere reason alone, I will gladly say that I stood for my beliefs and went down doing the right thing. I will not suck up to anyone, despite how long they have been in second life and who they know, renouncing what I believe is right just to avoid some undeserving punishment.

P.S. I don't give out real life information to help an organization in second life including my drivers license and neither should you.

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  1. Stay strong, dear one. No reason to listen to anyone else when you're doing so well :)