Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Refuse To Be Silent - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

I Refuse To Be Silent

A million thousand people talking about Miley
A million thousand people talking about Technology
Got a line full of thousands camping out for these gadgets
And you better keep up with the latest fashion

God forbid you talk about Domestic Violence
HIV, Rape, and Mental Health is non sense
8 year old in Yemen dies because of her 40 yrs old husband 
But all we care to talk about is the video wrecking ball...I won't be silent

1.4 Million Rapes in South Africa ignored
Lets not talk politics and war
Because what's more important is the VMA and Emmy Awards
Men face domestic violence, depression and sexual abuse
Society wants me silent but this I refuse

If we never spoke up for our rights
Then what kind of nation will we be?
Have you forgotten already about women supression and slavery?
Not standing up for right and wrong
This is not who I choose to be

I refuse to be silent 

~Joshuan Banx

I included this picture so you can see the clothes and items used based on how they are in second life. 
Take a look at what I am wearing from DOZZE and Zombie Suicide HERE


  1. Thanks for this, Joshuan. We need all the wake-up calls we can get. And thanks for some of the most interesting amazing blog posts that I've seen.

  2. Hey Joshuan, I sent you a note card in SL about this piece (as I couldn't find an email addy for you). Kindly get in touch with me when you read it :) Thanks!