Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Is Like A Comic Book - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Life Is Like A Comic Book 

Every comic book has a character that has strengths/powers and weaknesses. And a comic book is never complete without a villain to fight off. What makes each comic book different is the story they each tell. Some are comical while others are romantic and some of the best known comic books are adventurous with their roller coaster life of ups and downs. 

Life is just like a comic book. We each have our strengths/powers and our weaknesses and everyone has a villain to fight. That villain can be another person who is negative towards you, a physical illness and/or mental illness among other things. For everyone, just like comic books, the story and it's characters varies. 

But one thing ALL comic books have, just like real life, are heroes. They may come as one or they may come as many but there is ALWAYS a hero around. In our lives we can be our own heroes just like nurses, doctors, EMT's, social workers, friends, family members and/or other people in the community can be our heroes.

Who has been your hero? Who has come into your life when it seemed the worst and gave you hope to keep on going? Who has helped you in life and/or paved the way to your future? How about you? Have you been a hero to others? 

And speaking of Heroes..... Tempest Jewel, a member of the Mental Health Awareness Retreat Community and store owner of ~TEMPESTUOUS~ , shares with us how her nephews (in real life) were honored by the American Red Cross with a Youth Good Samaritan Award for rescuing their Autistic brother from a house fire. Diego and Draven Avila managed to pull out their younger brother to safety after their home caught fire.

In second life, Tempest Jewel is offering a space for those who are homeless and don't have a place where they can go change their clothes or open up small boxes. She has set up a beautiful cabin for those in need. Here is the LM

Thank you Tempest for all you do and to all of our of daily heroes in our lives <3

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