Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nature & PTSD - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Nature & PTSD

For some people, being in nature can be healing for their Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms. It can help calm their minds from many thoughts, flashbacks, anxiety, and/or depression.

Some people in second life find it very healing to go to nature like sims. They experience a calm in their symptoms. They even say that nature music helps, which personally I must agree. When I find myself having a flashback or racing thoughts, I just put on nature like music and it helps soothe me. It doesn't work every time but it does help every now and then.

Now keep in mind that everyone is different and shares different experiences. Just because nature and nature music helps me and some people, it doesn't mean it will work for you but what do you got to lose to give it a try? (Just keep in mind the places that might trigger you. Don't push yourself to places your not ready to face and/or can cause more harm then good)

Find your safety nature place. A place you would love to visit and spend time in. The ocean? The park? The mountains? You chose whatever your heart desires.

Explore this place but always remember to stay safe. If you don't feel safe then always know that you can go back home. Nothing wrong with leaving a spot you thought you would enjoy but don't. 

And lastly, take note of what places help you in your recovery and which places don't.

I think Tabitha Jayne explains it best in her blog post

Happy Healing Everyone =]

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***LEGAL DISCLAIMER: the information provided is not intended to replace any professional help.  Discretion is advised. I am not a professional nor pertaining to act as such. The information given was gather from educational resource and my personal experience. 

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