Sunday, November 3, 2013

Riding Around - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Riding Around

I don't know about you but unless is some woody, creepy, Texas Chainsaw movie style road area, I don't mind getting lost at all. I usually discover so many beautiful things while getting lost. Restaurants I've never been to prior, cool hang out spots, and historical buildings I probably would have missed otherwise. Heck, many times I take different roads and highways just to get lost on purpose in order discover new things.

Life is much like this. Sometimes we get so frustrated when we are lost in our journey, career, lifestyle, and other aspects of our life. We want to immediately find a map or get a GPS that tells us exactly where we outta be. We start asking friends, family members, therapist and other people for directions and it is not a bad thing at all as others can be of guide. But! why not enjoy the ride and discover new things about yourself along the way? 

What new things have you discovered about yourself while going down the road called Life? Things you wouldn't have known if you hadn't gotten lost? Things that you enjoyed along the way while trying to get to your destination. 

For me, one of those things was learning how to ride a motorcycle. I was agoraphobic at the time and getting out of my house was nearly impossible. As a goal to get out of my house I decided to take classes to learn how to ride a bike. I must say it is one of the most amazing things I did while struggling mentally. Not only did the classes get me out of my house but when I would ride I felt this freedom from my mind that was just simply awesome!

Enjoy discovering yourself while you are lost, enjoy the ride while getting to your destination.

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  1. This pretty much describes my life right now, everything's crazy and I want an exist :P I wouldn't really cay I discovered anything positive per se over the last few months, but I have figured out several things that drive me crazy so I know to avoid them in the future xD

  2. Friendly Hugs Jennifer. It gets better <3