Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Key Points To Healing - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Key Points To Healing

1. Recognize - Recognize you have a illness/problem.

If you have no illness/problem then you have nothing to solve which means there is no need to change and/or find help.

But when you recognize there is a illness/problem then you can find a solution which means change is possible.

2. Search - Search for a solution to your illness/problem.

Don't ever stop searching. Don't ever give up. 

Keep searching and you will find new ways to cope and heal. You will find solutions to your illness/problems.

3. Research - Don't believe everything you hear or see. Liars surround us and some prey on the weak, wanting to steal our money and/or use us as experiments.

Don't be fooled. Research. 

Don't settle for others voices and opinions. When you research, you will make your own choices and decisions. 

4. Action - In order to heal or to make any kind of progress is going to take Action from your part.

Action to research
Action to put into effect what you learn
Action to make your dreams and wants come true

5. You are not alone - Always remember you are not alone.

Find support groups, a therapist, family, friends, co- workers, someone to talk to. Because you are not alone.

There is always someone out there who knows exactly how you feel.

6. Take a look at your blessings - Sometimes the darkness of our illness/problems try to overshadow the good.

Stop for a moment and count your blessings.

Look at what makes you smile and feel good.

Don't let the darkness take over your gratitude, because your gratitude is what helps you feel better, not the darkness. 

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***LEGAL DISCLAIMER: the information provided is not intended to replace any professional help. Discretion is advised. I am not a professional nor pertaining to act as such. The information given was gather from personal experience and educational resource.

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